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    Prince Mohammed Alfaisal Award
    for Islamic Economics Research
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    objective is to support and promote
    scientific research in the many fields of Islamic economics
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    Subjects suggested for the award
    production / consumption / distribution / saving / investment

Prince Mohammed Alfaisal Islamic Economics Research Award

The Mission:

The objective is to support and promote scientific research in the many fields of Islamic economics via linking current economic problems, which face Muslim communities, and islamically-bound solutions that emanate from the Islamic principles of faith.

The Vision :

Among the essential pillars of an Islamic community growth is the development of Islamic and economic thought. Economic crises and problems are no longer peculiar to developed economies. The philosophy and theoretical framework of any economic system are essential components driving initiatives in the form of: articles, programs and regimes to deal with economic problems and crises.

Islamic religion (Quran and Sunnah) and the economic and thinking heritage of Islamic scholars and researchers represent essential foundation for further research on many aspects; be it of philosophical, theoretical and/or applicable nature.

General Features
  • Research papers' studies are accepted from Saudi researchers (male & female) and residents (male & female) as well.
  • The winner is given:100,000 S.R.
  • Merit -certificate signed by the president of the award council.
  • Memorandum contains the award logo.
  • Joint-research is accepted, in case of winning the financial award is to be shared equally.
  • Announcing for the project of the award in its second session recommencing on 7 Jamadi thani 1433 H, researchers are given 10 months as a period for completion their researches, as well as the third session will be announced 1434 H Inshallah with the announcing of the winner/s at the second session.
  • The council hold the right to use the awarded research to serve improving the culture of Islamic economics; copies of the awarded research will be kept in the library of Prince Sultan College of Business.
  • The committee members:
    a) receiving the research projects;
    b) the jury committee shall determine research standards and procedures in coordination with the president of the council or (the vice- president).

Administrative Framework

The Award counsel of the award represented by the presidency, Prince Umr Bin Mohammed Al-Faisal and 4 members.

Among them are:

  • Vice president
  • council secretary
  • Committee of receiving and sorting research papers
  • Head of Jury Committee

Suggested Subjects
Subjects suggested for the award:

The theoretical framework (values and philosophy) which the Economic Islamic theory in the fields of:

  • production
  • consumption
  • distribution
  • saving
  • investment.

Zaka’at; its legitimacy, purpose and the aspects of its spending (in comparison with tools of income taxes and wealth in non-Muslims' community), and methods of improving it to achieve excellent usefulness in the community.

Making comparison between the living standards of some samples of economically developed countries and less-developed economies in order to discover the correlation (if any) between forgoing linking the main currency to gold and the inflation average on the level of each group.

Prize Winners

Winners & their Subjects which won the prize

حوكمة المصارف الإسلامية

Islamic Banking Governance
Download File

البحث الفائز بجائزة الأمير محمد الفيصل لأبحاث الإقتصاد الإسلامي

أثر إعادة تخصيص موارد الاستهلاك الترفي في المجتمع المسلم

Impact of reallocation of recreational consumption resources in Muslim community
Download File

البحث الفائز بجائزة الأمير محمد الفيصل لأبحاث الإقتصاد الإسلامي

Contact & Consultation
For further information, please contact :

Dr.Omar Al-Morshidi




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